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Employment Law

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Our Employment Law Practice

Employment law is a vast and diverse area of law, covering everything from hiring and contracts to termination and post-termination, and everything in between.  Our firm has handled hundreds of emplolyment cases from minimum wage employees to top-tier CEOs.



Our Partnership

The Noble Law

Green Law Group is proud to have partnered with the Noble Law Firm to provide all of its employment law services across the State of South Carolina. Employment law cases coming through the Green Law Group will be filtered and reviewed by Noble Law. Any cases the firm accepts will ultimately be managed by Noble Law. Attorney Donald Green, however, will be the lead attorney for any of these cases.

We believe this partnership will benefit all South Carolinians in leveraging resources and experience for their best interest. The Noble Law firm is a premiere firm exclusively representing employment cases. Their headquarters are in Charlotte, North Carolina, but they also have a presence in New York.

If you are wronged, discriminated against, harassed, or have any work-related issues whatsoever, we may be able to help you in recovering your due. Damages for employment related matters, depending on the type of claim, typically may include:

    • Contract Damages
    • Lost Past and Future Lost Income
    • Unfairly Denied Benefits
    • Statutory Penalties
    • Punitive Damages
    • Atorney’s Fees and Costs

Green Law Group will recover as much in damages as the law provides based on each case’s individual merits and claims. 

If you or a loved one has been wronged by your employer, give is a call at (843) 994-7336  or complete the form below for a free evaluation.

Types of Employment Cases

Examples Include:

check circle icon Compensation Disputes

check circle icon Severance Agreements

check circle icon Non-Compete Agreements

check circle icon Employment Contracts

check circle icon Wrongful Termination

check circle icon Workplace Harassment

check circle icon Workplace Discrimination

check circle icon Disability Accomodations

check circle icon Pay, Overtime and Leave

check circle icon Retaliation and Whistleblower

check circle icon Workplace Investigations

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